Medical cannabis helps our Mom’s Parkinson’s

Just watching our Mom treat with medical cannabis is something to behold.

This is the same guy who tore our room apart one time because he thought he odored me smoking weed.

Of course, I was smoking marijuana but I sure wasn’t doing it in the loft as well as I wasn’t about to keep cannabis products in that home. I’ve been using cannabis products pretty much our entire adult life… So to see this all come full circle with our Mom is sort of crazy, however Mom is now at the end of his life. And unluckyly that comes with Parkinson’s as well, my father has slowed down considerably over the last multiple or more than five years however that is to be expected of a guy nearly 90, then yet, he couldn’t get out of here separate from dealing with this condition. Since I had a history with cannabis products, it seemed natural to go to a cannabis event to learn more about the medical marijuana benefits for Parkinson’s. I got some absolutely compelling medical marijuana information that propelled me to introduce the subject to our Mom. Initially, he wasn’t actually happy about using medical cannabis. But the more I explained the benefits when it came to using cannabis gummies, the more charming it became. But once Mom started treating with the cannabis gummies we get from the local cannabis dispensary, the results spoke for themselves. It’s fantastic to see that medical marijuana can ease the symptoms as well as help him with range of motion. But it also is fantastic to see how the medical cannabis allows him to relax a whole lot more as well as just like each day for what it brings.

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