My good aunt had the best cannabis

During the COVID pandemic I lost our job, and soon after lost our apartment.

At the time there was an order in locale, so the property owner couldn’t evict myself and others in the middle of a pandemic, but that didn’t last long.

I needed anywhere to go, but I couldn’t afford to transfer because I had no income! Thankfully our Great Aunt Bernice took myself and others in, and let myself and others stay in the spare room over his garage. She was a life saver, but it turns out he was a lot more than that! My first night in the modern locale I awoke around midnight because I smelled cannabis smoke in the air. I had previously smoked cannabis quarterly, but had to stop when I lost our job. After 2 weeks with no cannabis, I immediately came awake when the delicious stink hit our nostrils. I strolled downstairs to find Aunt Bernice laying in the kitchen, making a pan of scrambled eggs as he smoked a cannabis joint. I sat down at the counter and asked to partake, and bernice said “in the eggs or the cannabis?” And I said yes to both! Bernice explained that he smoked cannabis every day, but was trying to be sneaky with it in case I was a square. Bernice absolutely thought I was a square, meaning that I wasn’t cool with cannabis. I had to laugh at this, because I loved cannabis, and because the word “square” was hopelessly out of date! It turns out that even in the middle of a pandemic, Aunt Bernice had a steady supply of cannabis.
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