No one hands out cannabis edibles on Halloween, it’s a myth

Last Halloween was an exciting time for my family.

We are Halloween People through and through, and always go the extra mile to make the holiday special.

I also enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas, of course, but to me and my family Halloween is the best holiday of the year. We deck the house with orange and purple lights, we set up skeletons in the yard, and we load up with pounds of candy. This year my kids came to me and asked if it was true that some people were sneaking drugs or cannabis edibles into the trick or treat candy. I sat them down and explained about how this is a false story that comes back every generation. I remember being a kid and someone telling me that people sneak cannabis or other drugs into the candy to play a prank on children. This same story has returned for the next generation, it seems! I explained to the kids how much cannabis costs, and that most people don’t have extra cannabis to just hand out to children. The truth behind the story has nothing to do with marijuana, it’s just religious people who hate Halloween and are trying to ruin everyone’s fun time. I said to them “no one who enjoys cannabis would ever give it away for free.” It was a myth, a straight-up falsehood, made by people who hate cannabis and hate Halloween and want to ruin them both. Besides, if anyone gives them cannabis, I would be more than happy to take it, and use it myself.
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