Prefer an edible over tincture

So I can take in my cannabis and not have it be a giant deal

When it comes to cannabis I always appreciate to eat it rather than smoke. When you smoke a cannabis product it takes awhile for the high to set in. The high then lasts longer however is it actually worth it? I think that with smoking, it is quite a bit of work. If you choose to smoke a flower form that means you need a grinder, ashtray, lighter and whatever apparatus you are going to smoke with. Rolling papers, a hookah, bong or pipe needs to be brought, vaping cannabis oil is easier, however you still need the vape and oil cartridge. You still are producing a vapor that has people either flocking to you or running away. I don’t love the stigma smoking has. I don’t love that people assume that I am down with sharing too. An edible is just better all around. With an edible I can suddenly eat it and go. The high happens immediately and is intense. That is go, I don’t want to be high all the time. I also love that an edible can be quite discreet. I can choose a baked good, hard candy or even a soft drink. It looks love a normal food or beverage too. I can actually pack it in a tote and consume it at a celebration or even at someone’s house. Very rarely do you get people wanting to share a drink or candy with you. So I can take in my cannabis and not have it be a giant deal. It also seems to be more cost efficient in the long run too. You only need to buy the edible and you are great to go.


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