Restless leg relief at the cannabis dispensary

I’m just so thankful that I live in a region where I am able to access a cannabis dispensary.

  • I know just how fortunate I am because there are nearly half the states in this country that don’t allow for medical marijuana.

That seems absurd to me now. But prior to treating with medical cannabis, I really didn’t feel one way or another about legalizing cannabis products in any form. That’s just how truly uninformed I was when it came medical cannabis. While I wasn’t against marijuana, I was still of the mind that those seeking medical marijuana were just stoners in disguise. What an insulting perspective that was. I know that for me, I’m no stoner but if I wasn’t able to access the legal weed store, I would be a mess. That’s because I have suffered with restless leg syndrome and while it won’t kill you, it certainly can be debilitating. That’s mostly because I just couldn’t sleep properly. When there is this overwhelming sensation in your legs at night, you can’t help but move them. And that sure isn’t conducive to getting essential rest. But after attending a cannabis event on a whim, I got the good medical marijuana information for my condition. That led me to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card and get better. Once I had access to the legal weed store, I was on my way out of the restless leg business. It didn’t take a week before I realized the medical marijuana benefits that I was so hoping for. And since then, it’s been nothing but a wonderful rest each night.


Medical Marijuana Card Application