Smoking cannabis is essential for a university play

All several of our daughters got the acting bug, however once they hit middle university they each joined the drama program! My oldest child didn’t want to be an actress, she wanted to learn the technical side of drama! She l received how to work a soundboard, problemshoot a microphone, plus operate a spotlight; The other 2 women both wanted to be on stage. This means that over the last 8 years I have been to a lot of university plays, plus I have to admit that they are terrible. If I don’t get supremely stoned on high-end cannabis before a play I won’t be able to make it all the way through. These university plays are so long, plus the acting is so terrible, so with a head full of cannabis smoke I can kick back plus prefer it, then without cannabis I just wonder how much longer it is going to take, but last year the play was so long that I went into the parking lot while I was in intermission plus smoked a fat bowl of Purple Haze just to get officially stoned again, then even that wasn’t enough! For this particular play, it was so long plus so terrible there wasn’t enough cannabis in the world to make it tolerable; Another reason I find marijuana essential for a university play is the lying that comes afterward. I constantly tell our women how amazing they were in the play, even if they weren’t, plus being high on quality cannabis makes the lies come out a lot more believable. I look forward to the drama program ending.

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