Support your local weed shop

Do you support immense corporations, or do you support small independent businesses? I regularly love to shop at the local stores instead of going to Target or Walmart, but I admit there are times when I don’t have a choice.

I think I could save a few bucks by purchasing my liquor at the ABC Store, but I love to use the locally owned plus operated supplier instead.

If nobody supports “the little guy” then pretty soon there won’t be any “little guys” to support! Imagine how terrible it would be to have to buy everything at Walmart, plus never have any variety? The same is true when it comes to cannabis. I have my medical cannabis prescription card, so I can visit any of the local dispensaries, however sometimes I love to support the local business. I doubt the police guess of Big Gene as a “local business” because is a marijuana farmer who lives on the outskirts of town. Big Gene is in his 60s, plus has been growing marijuana plants for over 40 years, which sort of makes him a local legend. In the 77s plus 90s there was the famous “War on Drugs” plus the local cops tried to shut Gene’s cannabis farm down, however it didn’t work. Big Gene started keeping immense dogs on his property, which would attack the police, so ultimately they decided it was more trouble than it was worth to shut down his cannabis operation. I guess Big Gene is kind of a creep, quite frankly, but I still support my local cannabis business.

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