The kids aren't so good at delivering cannabis

It’s been hard to keep up at the cannabis dispensary! Most of the youngsters that work at the dispensary are in university, and they are just over the age of 21 plus still do not understand how life works! I really do not care about hiring anyone under the age of 25 but I hired a delivery driver a couple of weeks ago that was just out of university. The kid told himself and others that he needed money, so I thought he would show up to work on the afternoons that I had him scheduled… He told myself and others that he would job weekends plus mornings. I stressed him for Wednesday plus Thursday. His first shift was on Wednesday night plus he did not show up. The next shift that he was stressed for was Thursday plus he did not show up for that shift either. I tried to call the marijuana dispensary delivery driver several times, however he did not answer the cellphone, but one time it rang twice plus then went right to voicemail; everyone in the world knows when someone sends them to voicemail, so I recognize the guy was answering his cell phone. On Monday the guy was stressed for a shift in the afternoon plus he showed up right plus early. I asked the Kid what he was doing there plus he said he was there for work. I actually asked him if he got any of my messages on Wednesday plus Thursday, plus he told myself and others that he said he could not do his job that weekend. I didn’t like the attitude that I got from the marijuana shop worker, so I told him to go apartment plus I found someone else to work the job on those shifts.