There are rules to recreational weed

I find it funny when people from medical cannabis only come to my state.

They don’t understand how recreational weed works.

Everyone always has a rose tinted glass in front of their face. I had one buddy that wanted to go to the legal weed shop with me. I took him there and watched him load up on cannabis items. He acted like it was the apocalypse and he needed to stock up on cannabis flower, edibles and oils. When he got up to pay he was shocked that the budtender wouldn’t sell him all of it. There are restrictions and amounts that we have to follow. My buddy can’t just grab and take whatever he wants. They also track you through your license. My buddy thought he could just go to the next cannabis dispensary and get all the stuff he wanted. No way buddy. Another friend of mine expected the legal weed shop to be like a store at the mall. She was shocked that there were no free samples or areas that she could test the product. The best the weed shops can do is a dab bar and a vape lounge. You actually have to buy the product first and then can consume it on the premises. That is the only exception. My sister visited me once and thought that we could ride bikes to the cannabis dispensary. I then informed her that if we bought something, it would have to go in a locked trunk. We can’t ride bikes and toss an edible in her basket. It doesn’t work that way.


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