Blue dream is a great daytime sativa strain

Sativa marijuana strains have a very uplifting and energizing effect. I prefer to smoke Blue Dream marijuana in the morning, because it reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. Blue dream is one of my very favorite morning marijuana strains. It has a sweet Aroma and flavor and tastes a little bit like berries. Because Blue Dream is such a popular sativa dominant marijuana strain, most of the shops around here carry at least one type of marijuana and one type of concentrate. The marijuana dispensary near me always has Blue Dream marijuana flower and it comes from a dispensary that doesn’t charge a lot of money. It’s not exactly a top shelf flower product and it is grown outside, but it is always 30% or higher. Most Blue Dream strains are around 20% and I always find the strain over 30%. I prefer to smoke my marijuana out of a bowl or a water bong. I used to roll joints, but now that I am older, my hands tend to shake and I don’t have the same dexterity. I would rather put a couple of nice butts into a bowl or a bong. I had a really great blue dream strain a couple of weeks ago that I got from a place near one of my friends. It came from a manufacturer that I have not tried before. The blue dream strain was very flavorful and it made me feel very relaxed and calm. The strain was only 22% thc, but it hit just as hard as something that had a much higher percentage.



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