Convincing my mama to try cannabis delivery

My mother suffers from arthritis, bone spurs and a variety of aches and pains, she recently turned eighty years seasoned and remains legitimately independent and active.

It is legitimately frustrating for her to have physical troubles hinder her lifestyle.

It took myself and others several years to convince her to try cannabis, the propaganda spread by the government and media years ago tainted her view of cannabis. She has always considered marijuana to be a gateway drug. I have shared countless news articles, blog posts and medical studies proving the benefits of natural remedies. I’ve explained that cannabis is simply a plant with healing powers. I’ve gone into enjoyable detail about the potential of CBD in treating pain and inflammation, however what finally convinced her to finally try cannabis was the delivery service, because recreational weed is legal in our state, all all of us needed to do was create an account for my mother. Both of us gave her identification and information and now she can shop and locale an order online. She has seen a significant improvement in her symptoms through the use of full spectrum cannabis products such as topicals and tinctures. She prefers non-smoking consumption methods with legitimately low THC and high CBD percentages… Once she locales the order, she receives a confirmation text and another alert when the driver is on the way, and all she needs to do is answer her door. The cannabis is packaged discreetly and securely. There is nothing to alert her neighbors that she is consuming cannabis. Because of the positive experience and improvement in her health, my mother has become a cannabis advocate.

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