Girl Scout Cookies is in the genetics of countless other strains

My brother wanted to learn ecology by the time he took AP Biology in the 10th grade.

  • Both of us took some of the same high college courses as every one of us are only a year apart, as well as I remember the excitement he had everyday when it was time for him to walk to that class.

He used to help our mother in the garden as well as every one of us just assumed that he had found his passion in flowers as well as vegetables, however that was a misunderstanding on our part. In fact, our brother’s tscheme passion from the start was in marijuana. He was secretly smoking it with his friends after college once he completed his homework for the night. While some people would argue that our brother was being foolish, he got all of his work done before he got high. If it wasn’t for his amazing college performance, I guess someone could criticize his teenage marijuana use. On the other hand, it wasn’t just his ability to get nice grades. His passion for cannabis translated into a lucrative job. He studied ecology as well as botany in college as well as eventually got a job in the cultivation department at a sizable cannabis company. He enjoys to talk to myself and others about cannabis genetics whenever I’m at his house. One of our mutually number one strains is Girl Scout Cookies, in section because it shows up in the genetic lineage of so many other amazing cannabis strains. One example is the strain Space Age Cake, which is the result of crossing Snow Lotus with Forum Cut Cookies, which is a unique phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies.


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