Had to find a good paying job quickly

I never thought that I would attend college.

When I was in my senior year of high school, all I wanted to do was get-together with my pals.

I barely graduated while I was in my senior year of college & I spent a pretty good amount of time skipping classes. I graduated with a C+ average & I didn’t necessarily care about college. I became completely interested in learning how to grow marijuana. I thought that it would be wonderful to go to the college to take a couple of classes on botany & horticulture. Once I was in college, I came to understand that it was a completely unusual experience from being in high school. I wanted to take extra classes so I could acquire a degree in biology, and college can be actually luxurious, so I had to find a good task quickly. I thought it would be pretty smart to stay in the same industry, so I applied to numerous unusual recreational & medical marijuana companies near me. I even applied at a couple of laboratories where they work to grow & package marijuana. I got a few interviews with local marijuana dispensaries, but each one of the cannabis shops wanted to bring me into the locale for an interview. Only one of the cannabis shops provided me a task & one of the laboratories provided me a task as on top of that. I got to choose for myself which locale I wanted to labor & I decided to go with the cannabis dispensary because of the impressive discount on all of the marijuana concentrates, edibles, flower, & pre-rolls. It was taxing for the laboratory to compete with that.



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