I always take a cannabis oil pen on a hiking trip

Ever since I was a young child I’ve Loved going on hiking trips.

Whether it’s just for a few hours down a forested trail, or a camping trip for a weekend in the woods, I’ve tried to get out in nature as much as possible over the years.

For a few years during the pandemic I wasn’t able to get out hiking very often. Even though I could have been out on nature trails without a mask on, I was honestly worried about getting exposure from anyone in public. When you live with older relatives that you don’t want to see contract the virus and die, you get hyper sensitive to any possible source of viral exposure. And even a populated nature trail despite being in open air was a serious concern to me back then. Nowadays, I’m not nearly as worried about these things. And so lately, I’ve been going out to local nature trails at least once or twice a week. And whenever I go, I usually carry a cannabis oil pen with me because of how easy and discreet they are. These days they’re fairly cheap as well because most people are looking for expensive concentrates or cannabis flower products. The cheap cannabis distillate oil pens are therefore extremely inexpensive compared to how they were 4 years ago. And so I’m going to keep buying these cannabis oil pens to take with me on nature trails because of the affordability and discreteness. One of the best parts of cannabis oil pens is being able to use them while looking like a person with a nicotine vape pen. That way it’s hard for other people to tell you’re using cannabis.

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