I became more positive about my situation upon taking cannabis

It’s really tough to imagine what it would be like if I wasn’t able to get the cannabis flower products that I need from the legal weed store.

  • The fact that there are legal weed stores in my state is something that I’m especially thankful for… Access to the legal weed store has allowed me to both manage as well as accept the fact that I have MS.

It’s only been about a year since I actually acquired the diagnosis. The nurses put me on odd medications until I found the most suitable combination. Every single health care professional that I went to also encouraged me to learn more about medical marijuana facts. This led me to a cannabis dispensary event where I got an easily wonderful marijuana education. The cannabis dispensary event was honestly the beginning of me leaning into life with MS. Initially, while not a death sentence, the fact that I had MS pretty much ruined my life. I had all these plans as well as things I wanted to do. But being unable to do what I wanted because of MS was so tough for me to get my head around. For sure, the cannabis flower products that I use help me tremendously when it comes to my symptoms. They are able to lessen the spasms as well as help me get more range of motion on top of that. But I guess a single of the unsung benefits when it comes to cannabis flower products is equally necessary to talk about. I am talking about the fact that those cannabis gummies I use also easily helped me accept my situation while maintaining a totally positive as well as hopeful perspective.


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