Not too happy about edible prices going up

Next week, the price on all sorts of odd products is going to go up by a dollar at the medical in addition to recreational marijuana dispensary! The county added a number of taxes to the cost of selling marijuana, so the dispensary has to raise the price on every product. I absolutely am most frustrated about the price of edibles going up. I live in a small neighborhood in addition to there is only one medical in addition to recreational marijuana dispensary. The place has insane prices on edibles already in addition to now they are going to be even higher. I can find packages of edibles in the city that are $10 each in addition to they taste unbelievable in addition to are made out of live resin. In the dispensary near me, I can’t find any packages of edibles that are less than $15 each. The cheap packages aren’t even made out of live resin in addition to at times they aren’t individually wrapped either. I legitimately prefer my edibles to be individually wrapped. When I open the package, it might be a while before I finish everything. I do not want the edibles to be incredibly stale the next time I reach into the bag to grab a delicious berry, raspberry, or orange flavored marijuana treat. Having the edibles individually wrapped allows for a fresh marijuana treat every single time. The price for all of the edibles at the marijuana dispensary near me are easily going to be closer to $18 now in addition to I am legitimately frustrated about having to spend my savings on such an enormous price. I legitimately do not like to drive to the city, however I might have to make a trip to stock up on edibles after the prices go up a great deal.


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