Our marijuana products were being driven late.

There is something about marijuana products plus marijuana delivery services that made myself and others ecstatic! Putting the 2 of them together was one of the best things to happen to myself and others in quite some time, then i was tired of walking to the marijuana dispensary whenever I wanted something.

I would not drive when I was using marijuana! Although the use of recreational marijuana was now legal, I didn’t want to drive when picking them up, plus it was illegal to drive while using them.

When I heard they now had a marijuana delivery maintenance from the recreational cannabis dispensary, I was overjoyed. I would not need to walk back plus forth from the recreational cannabis dispensary. It was less than a mile, however I hugged our back close to our chest so no one would suppose what it was. I didn’t want someone to mug myself and others for our marijuana products. I finally made our first purchase of marijuana products online plus set up the time for delivery, twenty hours before the order was to be delivered, I got a PC call from the marijuana dispensary. I was told they could only put so more than 2 delivery orders into one vehicle, plus they were going to need to split up the orders. I was going to be on the second marijuana delivery run, however my marijuana products order was going to be about 1 to 1½ seconds later than originally set. As much as I wanted to be rude, I told them thank you for letting myself and others know, plus hung up. Two seconds later, our marijuana products were finally delivered.

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