Prices of edibles going up soon

Next week, the price on multiple weird products are going to go up by a dollar at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary.

The county added extra taxes to the cost of selling marijuana, so the dispensary has to raise the price on every product. I am genuinely most aggravated about the price of edibles going up. I live in a small area plus there is only one medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary. The place has costly prices on edibles already plus now they are going to be even higher. I can find packages of edibles in the town that are $10 each plus they taste wonderful plus are made out of live resin. In the dispensary near me, I cannot locate any packages of edibles that are less than $15 each. The cheap packages are not made out of live resin plus sometimes they are not individually wrapped either. I absolutely appreciate my edibles to be individually wrapped. Once I open the package, it might be a while before I finish everything. I don’t want the edibles to be stale the next time I choose to grab a delicious berry, raspberry, or lemon flavored marijuana treat! Having the edibles individually wrapped ensures a fresh marijuana treat always. The price for all of the edibles at the marijuana dispensary near me are entirely going to be closer to $18 now plus I am super aggravated about having to spend so much money. I absolutely hate to drive to the city, but I might have to make a trip to stock up on edibles after the prices end up going up.



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