The THC content of most strains doesn’t go higher than 35%

Some people want to get annihilated whenever they drink alcohol.

  • Instead of just taking a single drink or two, they will consume as much as their body can handle before collapsing on the floor.

My uncle was like this and we all used to say he was a much better person in the mornings and early afternoon hours. He wasn’t able to get inebriated until the early evening whenever it was a workday and he had to be at his job. I think that he took after my grandfather who was also a severe alcoholic before joining Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1980s. Unfortunately, several breaks in alcohol consumption hasn’t been enough to get my uncle to get sober once and for all. After he retired from his job 10 years ago, his drinking has gotten slightly worse. The one thing that stops him from drinking more is the cannabis he consumes throughout the day and night. He actually grows his own cannabis plants since he’s living in a state that allows home cultivation of marijuana. Unfortunately, my state has legal cannabis dispensaries but home cultivation is still illegal. I get all of my cannabis products from whatever retail stores carry the highest quality cannabis flower products. I figure that the best starting material is going to yield the best cannabis oils and the products made from those cannabis oils. Some of the best cannabis flower products have THC percentages that are north of 30%. However, you will rarely ever find cannabis flower buds that test out over 35% for their THC content. There are scientific reasons for this, but largely it’s because there’s a cap at much THC a single plant can yield.

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