There's a new cannabis store that opened next to our job

I do not guess what possessed our boss to transport our offices.

The rent was fairly low in our aged location and the condition of the building was satisfactory, instead of staying there, she insisted on moving us to a strip mall because she claimed that the location was better for our purchasers.

Now she complains that the rent is too high while every one of us all complain that the building is in shambles. All of us all dislike that the heating and cooling system inside the device is incapable of keeping the interior comfortable no matter what season it is outside. If it’s warm outside, the a/c inside can’t keep the temperatures down; if it’s cold outside, the gas furnace is barely keeping up with the frost. I don’t guess how much more of this physical discomfort I can take before I lose our mind. At least there are a giant number of diners within walking distance to take our mind off of the state of the office itself. There’s a delicious Chinese diner to the left and a new Italian diner that just opened to the right. On top of the new food, there’s also a new cannabis dispensary that I can see from the parking lot. It’s in an adjacent shopping center that I can reach from our job on foot. I still haven’t visited the new dispensary and used our first-time-patient discount yet. That discount gives you 50% off your first order of cannabis products from the dispensary. It’s a good way to try a new cannabis dispensary’s products without paying full price the first time. That way it isn’t a big risk if you don’t end up liking their marijuana as much as your current number one dispensaries.

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