Tincture to sleep

I hate that sleep isn’t easy for me.

I am constantly looking into things that will help me sleep better.

I spent over 4000 on a brand new mattress. I researched and bought bamboo sheets which are supposed to keep me cool. I have a plush new comforter and gel pillows. I bought a sound machine too. Next I work out hard before bed. I also meditate, drink tea and eliminate blue light before bed. I still don’t sleep that well. Recently I found that a lot of people rely on medical cannabis in order to sleep better. I wasn’t really keen on smoking a joint or a bong before bed. When I go days without sleeping well though, I would like a bar floor in order to rest. So I decided to do all the necessary steps to get a medical cannabis card. Turns out, I don’t need to smoke in order to get the relief I need. The budtender actually recommended that I do a tincture instead. It is an oil that goes directly into a drink or under the tongue. I don’t even taste it. I do notice the difference though. When I take my tincture I feel calm, relaxed and groggy. I can actually fall asleep and stay that way. It is the perfect blend of CBD and THC. I now make sure I have plenty of it in stock and anytime I spend the night somewhere it comes with me. I can easily get more at the medical marijuana dispensary near me though.

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