Topical for competitive soccer player

I am a competitive college gymnast… The sport takes a lot of toil on my body; I am always using my legs, wrists, ankles and back.

  • I have biweekly pain due to how tough I push it.

I can’t take a day off and reuse. I need to stay on top of my game. I do ice baths, icy hot, heating pads and massages, and occasionally that isn’t enough. I found a game changer for me, and a topical at the cannabis dispensary near me has helped so much, and yes, it is technically a cannabis product. It is a cream that is applied directly to the skin. It doesn’t contain THC and gets me high. It also doesn’t affect my mind at all. The CBD stays at the surface level. I can think a numbing, cooling sensation when I use it. That is it. It is amazing to have on hand. Anytime I have a certainally tough day, I slather myself in the cream. I apply it every evening on my back and neck though. If I miss a day, I notice it in the day. I think narrow and appreciate it could cramp, however what is especially nice is that I now have a medical weed card. I can get my cannabis product anytime I need it and I am allowed to store it at the college. I appreciate the stink and that it doesn’t apply grease either. I have suggested the topic to all my fellow gymnasts on the team! Pretty soon pretty much everyone is going to be a medical weed patient just for that topical.


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