Using medicinal cannabis for a mess of medical troubles

I suffer from a variety of minor medical complaints… As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep; I often lie in bed for hours at a time, staring at the ceiling, feeling exhausted but unable to sleep.

I am then harshly weary all afternoon long and struggle to be productive at work, and the stress of my task also creates some problems.

I have troubles with anxiety and migraines. Because I spend a fantastic deal of time resting at a desk, staring at a monitor and typing on a keyboard, I have developed assorted aches and pains. My back, hips and knees are often sore; None of these troubles are drastic enough to be overly worried about, but they impact my quality of life. I finally made the decision to get my medical marijuana card. The process wasn’t overly difficult or high-priced. I arranged an appointment with a doctor who is qualified to make the recommendation. I was able to handle the whole application process online and received my card really hastily. The card entitles me to shop at any of the cannabis dispensaries in the state. I don’t need to pay tax on my purchases and have access to high potency of THC! One of the advantages of visiting local dispensaries is the knowledge and assistance of the budtenders. They are constantly glad to discuss options and make recommendations. I know comfortable asking questions and expressing troubles. I’ve experimented with a variety of strains, consumption methods and CBD to THC ratios, searching for that perfect remedy. I’ve found that smoking an indica strain helps to relax me and makes it easier to fall asleep. I care about a sativa tincture for boosting mood, energy and productivity. I honestly care about using a bath bomb, soaking in hot water and taking luck of soothing cannabinoids and essential oils.

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