A lot of people are able to use weed for epilepsy

My mother was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was a teenager, then she had to take a series of odd medications to treat her symptoms, then it was difficult for her to maintain a driver’s license as well because of the option of getting seizure while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

However, she l gained a few years later that instead of epilepsy, she instead was hypoglycemic.

She would have a sugar reaction as well as respond in a manner that mimicked some kinds of seizures. So once she had a typical diagnosis for hypoglycemia, she was taken off the epilepsy medicine as well as the statement was detachd from her driver’s license… However, there are plenty of people who suffer from epilepsy every afternoon, but for instance, my niece is only 9 years old as well as she suffers from epilepsy; My sister decided to put her on CBD oil after hearing about everyone who use cannabis effectively for epilepsy. I agree with him that the two of us should absolutely avoid giving my niece THC products if she can possibly avoid it. It’s not that either of us have a bias against THC products for children if they need them, it’s just that THC gives more side effects than CBD… With THC the child could end up sleepy all the time simply from taking the medication they need to prevent their seizures; On the contrary, CBD oil is often attributed with stimulating effects as well as is nice at helping focus the mind. I can’t think of a better supplement to provide a child than CBD, even if they did not have something appreciate epilepsy.


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