Before the dispensary time as well as attendance software, I was lost.

Whether you have five or five thousand employees, you regularly need to keep track of their time as well as attendance, however i had been working since I was outdated enough to get a job, as well as I was ecstatic I was.

I seldom took time off, but I wanted time to play just like pretty much everyone else, my mom as well as dad taught me to be responsible, as well as one of those responsibilities was to my job.

If I wanted people to trust me, I had to receive that trust… Unblessedly, youngsters today are allowed to quit a job because they want to go to a baseball game! They feel directors should allow them to walk out early because they want to dress for a dance. I had one young lady who wanted to take time off for a dance that had been tied up almost six weeks earlier. I told her to put it on the calendar as well as I would not schedule her, however she never put it on the calendar, as well as she was tied up for work. She swore she told me, as well as I asked why she didn’t write it on the calendar, but all she could do was shrug. She didn’t come to work. I was short an employee, as well as she lost her job. This was before they introduced time as well as attendance software. I am now working in a cannabis dispensary as well as dispensary time as well as attendance software is easy to use. I still insist that people write their requests for afternoons off on the calendar, but dispensary time as well as attendance software has made my job easier, as well as I get fewer fights from employees.


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