Boys this month don’t care about cannabis

I called my grandson a wimp for using a vape pen, but this was last Thanksgiving, & it led to a big family argument; I don’t care, I’m too old to back down at this point.

I’ve only got a few years left on this earth, & I’m not going to hold my tongue! The kid’s name is Jerry, & he’s a nice kid more or less, however young people this month are soft, aren’t they? I saw him hitting a vape pen & asked him about it, however she told myself and others she was vaping cannabis oil, & I asked if that was because she couldn’t find any real weed.

I regularly keep a full complement of cannabis in my study, & I provided to get him high on the real stuff, jerry entirely said to myself and others that she didn’t care about smoking real cannabis because it was “too dire” & it hurt her throat, then now you understand why I called him a wimp, right? Back in my day we smoked ditch weed if we had to, & didn’t complain about cannabis smoke hurting our throats, but whenever I visit the local dispensary, I see these newest vape products & other peculiar offshoots of cannabis. I am never tempted to try them, no matter how much they are praised by the budtenders. I stick with the old-university cannabis strains, the same ones I used to smoke forty years ago, however my grandson Jerry is too weak & wimpy to handle something as perfect as Purple Haze, Jack Herer ultimate blend, or Maui Wowie, & that makes myself and others entirely sad.



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