Bringing stand-up comedy to the cannabis dispensary

This town is known for its amazing nightlife. Although we are not the greatest town in the state, we are considered the “crown jewel” when it comes to musical as well as artistic talent. With so more than 2 nightclubs, bars, as well as music arenas, it’s easy to find live bands or comedians any night of the week. There are performers who move here just to chop into the business, because a lot of famous people have first gotten observed while performing locally. Another thing this town is known for is our amazing locally sourced cannabis. I am a director of a single of the more than 2 local cannabis dispensaries, as well as I decided to try as well as combine these more than one wonderful aspects of the town. I have a small stage in the smokers lounge adjoining the cannabis dispensary, as well as I have an “open mic night” every weekend for comics as well as singers. The stage is absolutely small, so it cannot fit a full band, just a single person, so most of the acts at the cannabis dispensary are comedians. Both of us have a couple of singer-songwriters who play acoustic guitar as well as sing love rock n roll, but as you might imagine the comics are a lot more popular with the cannabis crowd, then people who are high on marijuana love to laugh, so even the bad comedians tend to get a lot of chuckles from the crowd. I personally don’t care if the comics are any nice or not, I just love the extra bump in rearena the cannabis dispensary gets. If you have never been to an open mic night at the dispensary, you should check it out!


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