Getting pulled over by police with weed in the car

I do not appreciate getting pulled over by the police. The first time it happened was when I was 16 plus I was driving our mother’s minivan, and apparently her license plate tags were expired by a week plus the police officer pulled myself and others over to notify me. Luckily every one of us only got a warning for the expired license plate tags. I still got scared from the whole situation despite having no work plus the reason I was pulled over in the first site. My Dad was just behind on getting new tags from the local dmv. But the next time I got pulled over things were a little bit different. It was in our own automobile plus college for the exact same reason, as I had also forgotten to renew our tags. She offered myself and others a warning plus told myself and others that I only needed to make sure that our tags are updated within a particular stage of time plus I would avoid any fees. But the second time I was pulled over by a cop I was terrified to the core. I had a headlight that was out plus there was marijuana in our car. Back then our state did not have legal cannabis plus possession could put you in jail. My automobile smelled appreciate cannabis but I opened all the windows as I was bringing our card to a slow halt. I was so blessed that the cop was nice plus just offered myself and others a warning. These afternoons I do not have to worry as much if I get pulled over with the weed in our automobile as long as it’s in all of its labeled containers, then you cannot use cannabis behind the wheel but a cop cannot prevent you from moveing your cannabis products from one beach house to another. As long as there’s no sign of you using the cannabis products in the car, you shouldn’t have a problem when you get pulled over. They just have to be clearly labeled with the labels that come from the cannabis dispensary.

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