I learned how to make space cakes this week

While I’ve always been a fan of cooking, I didn’t get into baking until recently.

There were a couple failed attempts to make cake and biscuits when I was a kid, but after feeling so miserably I decided to give up.

The most baking I’ve done in the time since buying premixes in boxes. Like a lot of people, I’ll go into the baking aisle at the grocery store and buy a box of brownie or cake mix when I see it on sale. But a relative of mine purchased a bread maker for me last year on my birthday and I felt terrible looking at it and not using it. So, I decided to get a book on baking and start from the basics. Now I’ve been baking so much that I decided to finally Branch out into making cannabis edibles. I started simple with a batch of cannabutter. Basically you take ground up cannabis buds and do it in butter for a long period of time at a low temperature. After sifting out the plant matter, you’re left with a really dense green butter that is infused with THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. Once you’ve made a good batch of cannabutter, you can essentially make any type of cannabis edible just by replacing that with your usual oil or butter in the recipe. Decided to make space cakes which are a little personal serving size cakes infused with cannabis. Using my cannabutter, I created the little space cakes and gave them out to my friends on Christmas this past year. Everybody loved the potent space cakes that were infused with my high THC cannabutter. I have made simple pot brownies before, but I think next time I might make some THC infused macarons.

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