Some cannabis companies make more currency on Indica strains

It’s really interesting having family members that work in agriculture. I have lots of family that are farmers, but also a sibling who works at a sizable flower growing facility, however he gets to see a lot of the roses that are grown as well as then sold in stores. The company he works for also grows orchids as well as carnations just to name a few. Whenever I want to buy flowers for my partner for her birthday, our birthday, or a holiday, I can regularly go to my sibling to get something from his company. It’s nice having somebody in the family who would connected love that with agriculture, however my sibling on the other hand works in the medical cannabis industry in our state. Both of us still don’t have recreational marijuana yet, but the number of medical cannabis patients is over 200,000. There are at least 30 weird cannabis companies statewide as well. My sibling works in the cultivation department at the marijuana company that employees her. She tells myself and others secrets about the trade every once in a while, including the rationale that goes into choosing what strains are grown as well as sold. She said that most of the time cannabis companies make more currency on Indica strains rather than sativa strains because in the end they yield more buds. The crops are more bountiful compared to sativa strains. It’s frustrating because I love sativa strains more than constraints. I love using Indica strains of marijuana at night when I need to get sleepy to go to sleep, although I use the sativa strains while I was in the afternoon because they help myself and others get through my work. Sometimes these dispensaries don’t have sativa strains available as well as it’s tough for myself and others to find them.
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