The brand new security cameras don’t miss a thing

After a brutal break-in and robbery at a nearby marijuana place, the place near me made the move to install current security cameras.

The current security cameras don’t miss a thing and catch every angle of the property… I would know, because I was the person that installed all of those cameras.

The security cameras all point towards the parking lot area and there are a couple in the lights as well. The outdoor lights record 24/7 each week. Inside of the store there are sensors and motion detectors that start up the cameras. The cameras are always recording during the day, however during the night hours they are set up on sensors and detectors for motion, however everything is stored in a cloud. I ended up getting a call a couple of weeks after I finished up with the job. It was the owner and operator of the nearby marijuana store, but he was trying to find out if he could supply my information to a good pal that was looking for security cameras for his residence. I didn’t realize that the owner of the marijuana dispensary was going to be such an overpriced asset. The guy has already set me up with three current clients and one of those clients is another commercial job. I’ll be tied up with all this work for the next 3 weeks and it’s all thanks to the work I did for the owner of the nearby marijuana dispensary. I’ve only been in business for myself for a short duration of time and I pride myself on providing the most excellent shopper service and rates in the city.

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