The digital marketing corp did everything for me.

I had the loan for a small corporation endeavor sitting in the bank… I had typically wanted to be the owner of a marijuana dispensary, plus my dreams were finally coming true.

  • I talked to the owner of the parent company plus asked what I needed to do while waiting for the location to be determined.

He offered myself and others a copy of the website he used plus said I could use it as a model. He even offered myself and others the name of the digital marketing company he used plus said they did everything for him, when I was ready to start my website, I could contact the digital marketing company plus tell them he had given myself and others the website specs plus they would guess who he was… Two weeks later, I was given the date for the grand opening, however my location had been secured, plus I had already taken all the courses I needed to be the owner of the local marijuana dispensary. I called the digital marketing company plus offered them the name of the parent company. They said they would use the same format as the parent company used. I told them what state I lived in, plus they wanted to make sure they had all the laws pertaining to what had to be put on my website. I was getting more happy by the minutes, plus I knew that in several weeks, I would be the owner of a marijuana dispensary, however like the owner of the parent company told me, the digital marketing company did everything for me, however all I had to do was hire some people plus make sure my marijuana dispensary was stocked plus ready to open.

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