The marijuana dispensary was smokey.

I was in the marijuana dispensary last week, plus I found various current products that I hadn’t seen before, then i thought they were interesting plus wanted to take them lake condo plus try them… The budtender told myself and others to study the directions because they were hybrids, however he wasn’t sure how they were going to react since he hadn’t tried the marijuana product plus he didn’t have any information on it.

  • It surprised myself and others he didn’t guess what the effects were .

I didn’t understand what the terpenes were, or any of the other things listed on the product sheet. I would have thought they would teach the budtenders what the listed items were, plus how they would affect someone. I thanked him for the information plus walked around the marijuana store longer, however someone else came out of the back of the building, plus I approached him. I asked about the current marijuana product plus wanted to guess what kind of effects this marijuana product would produce. I was looking for something I could use to lift my mood, however not put myself and others to sleep. He told myself and others I should stay away from this product. I may fee; relaxed plus glad for a while, however within an hour or several, my mood would drop plus all I would want was a warm plus cozy bed. This was the information I was looking for. I thanked him plus began looking at other current marijuana products. He asked if there was anything else he could myself and others with? I told him the two of us were having a party, plus I wanted a marijuana product that would invigorate myself and others plus put myself and others in a cheerful mood.
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