The medical marijuana helps a pretty good amount with my pain

Fibromyalgia is a pain disorder that affects all kinds of good people.

Fibromyalgia is chronic pain & soreness all over the body. It can cause me to have a heightened sensitivity to pain. When my fibromyalgia is totally acting up, I don’t have the wish to go somewhere or do anything. At times, the flare-ups will last for many days or a week. My youngsters were complaining that I didn’t want to spend any time with them, so I went to the doctor to see if there was anything that I could take to help with the pain. The doctor told me that I would do particularly well to talk with a therapist that could help with the depression that I was facing. He also suggested trying medical marijuana. The doctor sent me to a medical marijuana treatment clinic so I could speak with a special treatment physician. Only the special treatment physicians are able to prescribe medical marijuana in this state. It’s sort of funny, because there are a few states across the country where you can walk into a dispensary & freely get your marijuana. Here where I live, you have to go through a pretty serious exam & screening process in order to qualify for medical marijuana. The prices are honestly high & insurance doesn’t help very much to be honest. Even though I have a note from the doctor showing that medical marijuana will help with my fibromyalgia pain, the insurance supplier still will not cover the plant because it is not approved by the FDA. I look around to discover the best deals on medical marijuana before I make any purchases, so I can save the most amount of currency overall.
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