They closed the marijuana dispensary.

I was rushing dwelling from work last week, hoping to get to the marijuana dispensary before they closed.

I was almost out of my number one marijuana product and I needed to pick some up.

I type for a living, and sitting causes my back to spasm. I have used medical marijuana since they legalized it to help with the pain and spasm. When I got to the marijuana dispensary, I was sure I wasn’t late, but the doors were locked, and a young lady came of the store next door and asked if she could help me. I asked when they would be back in to the marijuana dispensary. She looked at me and shrugged. They closed the marijuana dispensary. All she could tell me was that they were open one day and that afternoon someone came in put locks on the door. They let everyone go except a few people who were taken out by the police. I knew there were some odd things happening in the marijuana dispensary. They were supposed to be selling medical marijuana, but there were too multiple people hanging out, hiding their pre-roll cigarettes, which weren’t medical marijuana in our state. I now had to find another medical marijuana to get my medicine. I would not get through an eight-hour day separate from using my medical marijuana for the back spasms. I got dwelling and went online. I was a woman possessed with the need to find another medical marijuana dispensary in my area. I put in that I wanted one within 25 miles of my vicinity. Two medical marijuana dispensaries came up, and I called the one that was less than 10 miles from my house.


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