They no longer sell my marijuana products.

I have three medical marijuana dispensaries within a ten-mile radius of my home, i have an online account with all three dispensaries, and whenever I get a sales announcement in my text, I check to see if my 4:1 CBD/THC product is on sales.

I am running low on the marijuana product as well as have been diligently enjoying all three marijuana dispensaries to see if it goes on sale.

I haven’t been able to find the marijuana products in any of the medical marijuana dispensaries. If I did not get it soon, I would need to find another product, however nothing had a high CBD pleased like this product. I called all three marijuana dispensaries, however none of them had it. I asked when they would get it in, however no one had an answer. I had a package left over from the last time I purchase the marijuana product, as well as I looked for the grow company that dispensed it. I found a cellphone number as well as called them, and no one wanted to talk to me since I wasn’t from the medical marijuana dispensary, they said they could only talk to someone who sells to the public, then since the growers was a dealer, as well as I was a buyer, I thought they should be able to sell to me. They said they were a wholesale contractor as well as not a retail dealer. I understood, although I just wanted to know when they would send out the marijuana product to the retail dealer. The answer I got wasn’t a enjoyable one. She told me he didn’t know when, or if, they would send any 4:1 CBD/THC products to anyone.

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