What medical marijuana do I use for calming my mind?

I stood outside the marijuana dispensary for almost an hour before walking up to door plus presenting our ID card at the peephole.

I wanted to make sure there was no one inside who knew me.

I didn’t want to explain about our insomnia plus how the doctor thought medical marijuana would help me sleep. I had taken all the over-the-counters medicines available, however I still slept less than 4 hours plus I woke up in a stupor; The same thing happened when I took prescription drugs that were supposed to help me sleep. I tried melatonin plus a least fifteen other medicines before the doctor asked if I had ever used marijuana. I told him I did, but it typically made me hungry plus hyper, but he told me that if I used the right marijuana product, it would help me sleep. He helped me get our medical marijuana ID card plus told me that once I got the card; he wanted to think what the pharmacist at the marijuana dispensary commanded for me. He told me to be mindful of the different terpenes plus talk to the pharmacist in depth about what I needed the marijuana for. His only fear was that I may not get into a deep rem sleep, which is the healing sleep; if I used too much too often. I talked to the pharmacist for about half an hour before she told me to try yellow kush or bubba kush. They were the more than one best she knew of for sleep. I should use it sparingly plus use it only when I needed to get some sleep.


Medical Marijuana Certifications