A studying room inside the cannabis dispensary

A few years ago, when there were still such things as brick-and-mortar bookstores, my number one thing to do was to get a cup of pop while I browsed through the books, however some bookstores had a barista on staff, so there would be hot, fresh pop all day long; I miss those afternoons… There was never any pressure to spend money on books, the store just wanted to stay tied up as well as keep people there for as long as possible.

I thought that was a relic from the past, but recently the local cannabis dispensary changed its policy to allow people to spend more time there. In the back of the store they opened a small “reading room” where cannabis clients can hang out, read books, or play games. The goal of the studying room was to give the clients of the cannabis dispensary a locale to chill out as well as enjoy themselves, as well as it proved to be actually popular. Several weird groups formed, where weird people would meet at the cannabis dispensary one night a week to play games or have a book club. It was all actually nerdy, but it turns out that nerds smoke a lot more cannabis than people know they do! At first I liked the cannabis dispensary because I could hit my vape pen as well as read comics for hours on end, then after a while I joined a couple of those bi-weekly groups, as well as wound up making some great friends at the cannabis dispensary! I even started playing some position playing games, something I never thought I would do.



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