Asking the hot budtender out on a date

His name is actually Mona, but he is new in town, plus the newest employee of the local cannabis dispensary.

Mona is simply breathtaking, plus she’s also entirely too smart plus witty.

Before he was hired I would visit the store once or twice a month to stock up on cannabis products… Now that he runs the front counter I go in more often to buy less product, just for the occasion to see her! It turns out I am not alone, plus there are a few other shoppers who have started coming in more often for an occasion to talk to Mona. I overheard the director of the cannabis dispensary tell Mona that he should deliver his a raise because his presence has boosted sales. Here is my main complication – I am dying to ask him out on a date, despite the fact that I don’t want to make it awkward between us. If he turns me down, I will feel strange going back to that same cannabis dispensary. There is also the complication of finding the opportunity, because every time I want to take a shot, one of the other cannabis shoppers beats me to it! During my last three consecutive trips to the cannabis shop I have witnessed guys asking Mona out, plus getting rejected! Instead of pushing things too far, maybe I will just stay chill, keep buying cannabis like normal, plus wait for the perfect opportunity to present itself. If that moment never comes, at least I will never feel awkward buying cannabis from Mona. Or maybe I should just guy up plus take my shot!

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