Bad dreams are definitely muffled because of cannabis

As a kid nobody ever wanted to have a sleepover with me, because I was constantly undoubtedly different when I was sleeping.

I would respectfully talk in my sleep, plus even walk in my sleep.

It creeped out all of my friends! During the day I’m nice plus dandy like sour candy, however at night everything changed. In private school I tried smoking weed for the first time, plus found it to be a game-changer. The first time I actually smoked cannabis was also the first time I ever got a fantastic night’s sleep with no disappointing dreams. I’m not a scientist or a sleep researcher, so I don’t know why cannabis muffled my dreams so well, although I couldn’t argue with the results. Melatonin helps me fall asleep, however constantly makes my dreams more vivid, which makes them scarier. With a little cannabis in the mix, those vile, frightening nightmares seem distant, as if I’m watching them on a TV screen from across the room. The dreams are still there as well, however the cannabis mutes them, so they aren’t as anything. When I wake up I feel refreshed plus recharged, plus never remember what I dreamed about, plus it’s all thanks to cannabis! If you have these kinds of nightmares, talk to your budtender about strains of cannabis that might help you. Cannabis may not help you like it helped me, because every brain has different chemistry, however it’s worth a shot! There are also some really fantastic websites with information about how cannabis strains can impact sleep plus affect your dreams.

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