Cannabis is a gateway to roleplaying games

I went my entire life without playing role playing games, until now.

When I was younger I always thought things like Dungeons and Dragons were for nerds.

Maybe I mellowed as I got older, or maybe it’s just the weed talking, but at age 50 I have discovered the joys of being a nerd. It started a few weeks ago when the local cannabis dispensary opened up a new smokers lounge. That title is a misnomer, because no one is allowed to actually smoke weed in the lounge. People are allowed to vape, or take edibles, but no smoking cannabis indoors! Anyway, I was checking out the lounge at the cannabis dispensary when I saw a group of college kids gathered around a table rolling dice. At first I thought they were gambling – which I am into – but it turns out they were using vape products and playing Dungeons and Dragons. The next week I went back, and the same group was there. I bought a couple of cannabis drinks, popped the tab, and pulled up a chair to their table. They say that cannabis is a “gateway” to using more dangerous substances, but to me it was just a gateway to roleplaying games! Within a few weeks I had become a regular at the table. I would get some cannabis drinks, or a few edibles, and then spend hours rolling dice and fighting imaginary dragons. When people share cannabis together it builds bonds between them, and that’s the best part. I enjoy the games, and I really enjoy the cannabis drinks, but more than anything I like hanging out with these guys.


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