I cherish the local cannabis dispensary

I cherish my local cannabis dispensary.

Not only do I know they have some of the finest cannabis products in the land, they are cool people.

No offense to the corporate cannabis dispensaries, we are so grateful to them too. But I just cherish that I am interacting with the people who own the marijuana dealer I frequent. It just feels better to know that these people are invested in the community just the way I am. It’s not a great giant town so all of us small dealer owners sort of stick together. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I live well out of town on a giant plot of property. It’s the perfect place to have a giant shindig because people can camp and stay in the evening. We have friends who even bring their RV’s to our weekend parties. I like that most people can have a giant time however stay safe with no driving. If you come to the gathering, I take the keys until dinner. This past gathering, we decided to see if it was feasible to include some cannabis edibles in the gathering favors we distribute. I cherish having a goodie bin or a t-shirt or something to hand our guests when they arrive. The local cannabis spot worked with us in order to be able to give our guests a pair of marijuana edibles in each bag. They entirely worked to help us get to the price point where that was something we could do. We had the owners of that marijuana dealer out for that weekend as well. I’m entirely enthusiastic to be able to call these folks friends.


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