I constantly keep marijuana products in the art studio

Weed, art, plus music are my “holy trinity” of the creative process.

I am a writer plus a painter, who is lucky enough to earn a living with his passions.

I’m one of the sparse few that gets to do what they cherish every day. In order to set myself up for success, I employ the aforementioned holy trinity. My office/art studio is filled with inspirational works of art. I have paintings plus drawings all over the walls. I also have music playing in the art studio 24/7, even when I am not in it. Finally, I keep the room well stocked with several strange strains of cannabis so that I never need to take a chop to get stoned. Sativa strains are my preferred because they are a muse for artists plus creative types. For those of you who don’t know the basics of cannabis, there are two predominant types, sativa plus indica. Indica gives a full-body high that is entirely relaxing. Indica is the best for watching movies or hanging around doing nothing, plus it’s wonderful for using just before bed. Sativa is a mental high that perks up my brain plus fuels those creative impulses. I cherish keeping sativa close at hand, because it’s a ready source of inspiration for my art. I only smoke cannabis in the art studio, because I don’t want that intense pot aroma to fill the house. I’ve been simply told that cannabis edibles are wonderful for artists, because they come on gradually plus last for a long time. I love to smoke sativa.


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