I get messages from the cannabis shop every afternoon

There is a drive-in Regal Cinema located 1 hour from my home; On Tuesday mornings, my wifey as well as I like to go to the drive-in Regal Cinema to see a modern flick, last weekend when my wifey as well as I went to the Regal Cinema, my pal and I ordered marijuana for delivery… I met a guy outside of the Regal Cinema while my wifey was enjoying the movie.

I waited for about 20 minutes, but the driver was basically on time, since I ordered marijuana at the Regal Cinema, I have been getting texts from the Cannabis shop! Each afternoon I get a text with a modern weekly sale or special, then yesterday the weekly sale was on all of the top shelf marijuana flower. Everything was 20% off. Today the sale is on concentrates. I wish that I could take luck of the cannabis shop specials everyday, but I don’t want to drive an hour to kneel at the Regal Cinema as well as wait for the delivery guy to arrive. The marijuana dispensary does not supply to my home. I am just outside of the delivery range. One time I called as well as provided to spend $200 for marijuana supplies as well as the supervisor said it was still too far for them to drive. The shop is technically an hour from the drive-in, so that makes them 2 hours from my house. If the shop was closer, I would purchase marijuana from them all of the time. Since it’s far away, I have to wait until my wifey as well as I go to the Regal Cinema instead.
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