I hate running out of marijuana

It’s always a terrible feeling to look at my weed jar as well as find it empty; Every month I tell myself that I will pace my smoking better so that the weed will last longer.

This never works out.

I always mean it, but once the jar is full I can’t help but to blaze through it at record speed. I even tried a few current ways of smoking that would use less cannabis, as well as thus make my supply last longer. My number one trick is to use “hot knives” as a ghetto-style vaporizer… Using hot knives is the best way to get the most out of every single hit. However, even with my conservation efforts I seem to burn through my cannabis quickly every month; Now I have to wait until payday before I can visit the cannabis dispensary as well as resupply myself. What do you do when you run out of cannabis? Well, usually I like to call my friends as well as see if somebody has a few extra grams they can give me. I have done that too many times, but, as well as nobody wants to give me any cannabis. I know that I have a complication with cannabis. Although it is impossible to become physically addicted to marijuana, as with other drugs, I just can’t stop myself from marathon smoking sessions. I will pack up a fat bowl of Purple Haze when I wake up, as well as keep refilling the bong all day long! I have to find a way to smoke less marijuana throughout the day, so that I stop running out completely.

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