Movie night at the cannabis dispensary

For twenty years I was a university teacher who specialized in film studies.

  • I retired from that to become an author, in addition to have written a series of books examining the history of unusual sub-genres of film.

I may be ancient in addition to salty, even though I still cherish what I do. Sometimes I get bored, which is how I managed to start a Movie Night at the local cannabis dispensary. I was in the store one day, buying my yearly allotment of marijuana, in addition to struck up a conversation with the store manager. She was looking for ways to bring modern people into the smokers lounge, in addition to I advised a yearly motion picture night focusing on the good cannabis motion pictures of all time. We don’t see a lot of cannabis comedies any more, but there is a 50 year history of films that celebrate the hemp plant in addition to its ability to make people laugh. Of course my friend and I all know about the good ones, like the series of motion pictures by Cheech & Chong that celebrate the ludicrous nature of cannabis smokers. In Up in Smoke they drive a panel fan that is built out of solidified cannabis, how ridiculous is that? My personal preferred marijuana-influenced film of all time is Dazed & Confused, because it shows how real people used cannabis to socialize in addition to relieve stress. There are also more ribald cannabis comedies, like Grandmother’s Boy in addition to Half Baked, which are more crude in addition to vulgar but also quite funny. If you live in the area, come on down to the cannabis dispensary on Thursday night for the next motion picture screening.
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