My friend Aaron is going to open a medical cannabis dispensary

My friend Aaron has been my friend for years and years.

We grew up together in the same town and we always went to the same school when we were growing up.

Recently, Aaron told me that he is going to open up a new medical cannabis dispensary here in town. Aaron has already done a whole of planning work and training classes in order to get to this point! He is all trained and ready to go, and he’s ready to get the medical cannabis dispensary up and running. I guess it really takes a long time to get everything figured out and ready to go, though. I am pretty excited for Aaron at this point, though. I know that the dispensary is going to become a reality for him soon and I think that the cannabis dispensary is going to be really great. It’s something that this town has been missing and I think that people are really going to love having one close by. Aaron is actually going to own the only cannabis dispensary in our part of the state. I think that means that he will be selling all of the medical cannabis products to everyone who needs them within a hundred and twenty mile radius. That’s a lot of customers! I know that Aaron has done a whole lot of hard work to get ready for the cannabis dispensary to open, but I think that he is going to have a really great business once everything gets up and running in the next few months!

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