Smoking cannabis at Eddie’s site

Eddie has always been the coolest guy in the town.

I know that sounds kind of dumb, but it’s true.

Do you know anyone like that? Always cool, composed, typically knows the right thing to say, gets along with most people? When my pal and I were teenagers most people wanted to hang out with Eddie, and now over twenty years have passed and it’s still as true as ever. There is a crew of us that always hangs out at Eddie’s place, either to watch the game, throw darts, or just drink some coors and smoke a little cannabis. Eddie is one of the few people I know who doesn’t have a wife or kids, so it’s OK to smoke cannabis in his house. My wife knows I smoke cannabis quite a bit, but we have a rule that I cannot do it inside our house. Secondhand smoke is a real problem, even with cannabis, and I don’t want to risk exposing my kids to it. This is yet another reason to hang out with Eddie, because he typically has cannabis, and likes to smoke out with his friends. I know there are a big number of wonderful smokeless cannabis products available at the dispensary, although I don’t like them as much, and cannabis edibles are fine, but they don’t pack the same punch as smoking a joint, or getting blasted from a gravity bong. Eddie actually has a whole room full of strange devices for smoking marijuana, from the proper rolling papers and pipes to three-chambered water bongs, and things even more exotic!

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