Smoking marijuana on the roof

When I was a teenager I started smoking cigarettes… My parents didn’t know, plus I worked undoubtedly hard to keep it a secret, then late at night after everyone was asleep I would slip out my second-floor family room window onto the roof.

I would kneel back, looking up at the stars, plus smoke a few cigarettes.

My parents were none the wiser! Some thirty years later I find myself doing the same thing, only this time it wasn’t cigarettes. I was staying with my folks for the Christmas holiday, plus used the roof when I wanted to smoke some cannabis. My folks had regularly been stringently anti-cannabis, so even though I was an adult I wanted to respect their wishes about smoking in the house. That said I wasn’t about to stop smoking cannabis, so I thought the roof was a enjoyable compromise, one night as I sat there smoking some Blue Dream I was startled when my Dad stuck his head out the window, he told me to stop being an idiot plus smoke my cannabis inside where it was safe… When I was younger my folks were against cannabis, but now that they were retired it turns out they both had prescriptions for medical marijuana. My parents were smoking better cannabis than I was! That was the first time in my life I ever smoked marijuana with my parents, plus it was fun, but also a little weird. It wound up being an amazing Christmas holiday, because thanks to cannabis I got to see my parents in a weird light.
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