The smokers lounge should possess a different name

When I first heard about the new smokers lounge I was bursting with anticipation. In my mind’s eye, it was undoubtedly much like a saloon or a tavern, except there wasn’t any booze, just weed. The reality of the situation was much different than I imagined. Thanks to state plus federal laws, smoking inside a public building is illegal in all cases. This applies to tobacco plus cannabis, plus meant that the so-called smokers lounge would have to be free of smoke. Not exactly what I expected from a real “smokers” lounge, but vape products plus smokeless cannabis products are allowed, however that’s it. After I got over my initial disappointment, I found that there was a lot of fun to be had from other cannabis products. Normally I am an old-school cannabis smoker. All I need is a pipe, a bong, some rolling papers, plus some high quality cannabis buds plus I am fantastic to go! At the actual smokers lounge we can use any cannabis products we choose, so long as they are smokeless. I told the supervisor of the cannabis shop that they should change the name to the Non-Smokers Lounge instead, although she didn’t think it was really funny. My favorite new discovery at the lounge has been the cannabis drinks. They have a small bar area, however instead of serving alcohol they serve cannabis plus CBD-infused drinks, including juice, soda, water, plus coffee. For some random reason I find cannabis drinks to be much more gratifying than edibles. They taste really good, plus they get me genuinely stoned after just a few sips.

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